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1. How do I signup for Ecliptical Realms?

Click on the Sign Up link on the left menu under Player Area. You will have to enter some information about yourself so others may identify with you. A valid email address is required because your temporary password will be emailed to you.

2. After I sign up, can I start participating?

Signing up at Ecliptical Realms only allows you to participate in Tournaments. To participate in Battles, you need to be part of a club whether you join one or create one.

3. How do I create a club?

Click on the Club Management link on the left menu under Club Area. Enter in the Club Name (e.g. Berserker Kindred) and enter in the Club Tab (e.g. BK). Creating a club automatically makes you the captain of the club. This allows you to sign up for Battles and adjust your roster. As a club captain, you will have to use the Club Affiliation link and add yourself to the game rosters for your club.

4. How do I join a club?

Click on the Club Affiliations link on the left menu under Club Area. For the game you want to join a specific club for, click on the "Send an application to a club" link. Select the club you want to join from the dropdown, enter in any comments, and click Apply. The captain of the club will receive the application and accept or decline it. If you do not wish to be part of a club anymore, you have the ability to remove yourself of affiliation from a club by clicking the "Resign" link from the Club Affiliations menu.

5. I am a club captain, how do I sign up for a Battle?

Go to the battle with open signups that you want your club to participate in. On the top left menu will be a link called "Battle Signup" that you will click and your club will be ready to play when the event starts. If you make a mistake, you can revisit the battle homepage and remove your club from the event.

6. I am a club captain, I am trying to accept an application but it says the roster is locked. Why?

Rosters are locked when an event that a club is signed up is in process. This is an anti-cheat feature of Ecliptical Realms to prevent club from adding players near the end of an event to increase their statistics. Once the event is over, rosters are unlocked and signups can be approved.

7. How do I submit results for a battle?

Depending on the rules for the event, a screenshot of the results of the match are necessary for reference. Go the battle homepage for the event and click on the "Submit Results" link. Select from the dropdowns the clubs associated in the match. Then select the teams each from each club.

For example, if BK_Maelstrom played a match against ASF_Zebra, BK would be selected in a dropdown and listed as Team 1. ASF would be listed below BK and listed as Team 2.

Click the "Next" button, select the players from each club in the event, and enter in the results for each player from the match (e.g. Kills, Deaths, etc).

In our example, since BK was listed first, you would select Maelstrom in the first dropdown and enter in Maelstrom's results for the match. Then select Zebra in the dropdown below Maelstrom and enter in Zebra's results.

After the results are entered, click the "Submit" button and results are fed into the database and an email of the results are sent to all the people that played in the match. If you see a mistake was made in the results, you have 48 hours to correct the results otherwise contact an Administrator of the event for help.

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