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Viewing user profile for TAW_Alnerd
Member ID 2529 
Real Name  
E-mail Address 
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Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
Date Registered 2006-02-24 4:34 PM 
Last Logon 2006-12-08 5:30 PM 
Total Posts 0

Active user? Yes
RankNew user
Battlefield 2142 Club None 
Battlefront Club None 
Battlefront 2 Club The Art Of Warfare 
Command & Conquer 3 Club None 
Counter Strike:Source Club None 
Empire at War Club None 
F.E.A.R. Club None 
Halo Club None 
Jedi Knight:Academy Club None 
Misc. Games Club None 
Republic Commando Club None 
Republic Commando:CTF Club None 
Unreal Tournament Club None 
World in Conflict Club None 
Member Plus No
Member Plus Expiration
Total ER Points 0
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Lifetime Battlefront 2 Statistics
Overall Ranking Points Games Played Wins/Losses Kills/Deaths Team Bonus Unique Players Played Average Rank Played
161.94 2510 74 38.5/34.5 906/449 5996 76 30.67

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